I'm a Swedish actress living in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. I've worked professionally since since 2009 and over the years have worked at Angereds Theatre, Teater Fredag, Teater Västernorrland and SMOT in addition to running my own theatre company, Teater Tofta. I have done roles such as Miss Julie by Strindberg, Nora in Ibsens A Doll's House, Julia in Truth and Consistency by Norén, Rut in Ingvar - a musical furniture saga (the Musical about IKEA) and Marianne in Bergmans Scenes from a marriage. I also do singing, voice and advertising jobs, film, teach, read audiobooks and really enjoy the variety in my work.

I've also produced and starred in Bound, a feature film that we made in 2019, which was shown on Swedish television last year. 

I enjoy running my own business, but I also really enjoy being part of someone else's context, for me it's fun, developing and inspiring. In other words, I am highly employable! I'm happy to meet over a cup of coffee and talk, but if necessary, I can also go straight to work. Let's work together, just give me a call! 

Best wishes
Foto: Lina Ikse